Unite in diversity.


Creating a more balanced, inclusive equitable future where everyone feels valued.

Luniemère unexpectedly started on June 19, 2014 as the torch from Rose Monereau Cherenfant was extended to her children to continue her legacy. We had no idea that two years later, we would create Luniemère and the means of continuing the bequest of a phenomenal woman would expand beyond the reach of just family and friends.

Luniemere is a nonprofit org whose mission is to empower historically excluded and systemically oppressed groups and individuals to overcome unjust inherited challenges by providing educational, and social opportunities and avenues for growth and development. We all regardless of race, class, and gender deserve an equal opportunity at happiness and a fulfilling life.

Our focus areas


Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities

Our mission is to empower marginalized communities through education, advocacy, and innovation. We strive to promote social equity, financial wealth, and technological advancement for all members of society, especially those who have been historically marginalized and excluded.

Social equity
Financial health

Providing light for those in darkness 

Providing light for those in darkness 

Providing light for those in darkness 

Providing light for those in darkness 

Providing light for those in darkness 

We want to build a fairer society where everyone, especially marginalized communities, can access equal opportunities for financial success and technological progress, breaking down systemic obstacles so they can reach their full potential.


Empowering Communities for a More Equitable Future.



Art Exhibition

Our mission is to celebrate diversity, amplify voices, and drive change in our ever-evolving world.

Neighborly Love

Our Community Renewal Initiative is a dynamic nonprofit program committed to helping individuals from immigrant backgrounds and those facing challenges reintegrate into society.

Inclusion Illumination

Inclusion Illumination" is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to fostering inclusivity and promoting diversity in various settings, from schools and workplaces to communities and organizations.

Achieve, Strengthen and Transform 

Achieve, Strengthen and Transform 

Achieve, Strengthen and Transform